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Meet The Founder


Claire’s life before Wooferoos was very diverse and full of adventure!

She spent the whole of her twenties travelling and working around the world. First stop Houston as an AuPair at nineteen. She then joined Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines right after her twenty first birthday, sailing from New York to Bermuda, Miami to the Caribbean, LA to Mexico & Acapulco to name a few of the many ports over the next few years.

Continuing her travelling she backpacked around Australia for a year where she spent a long time as crew on a luxury sailing yacht around the Whitsunday Islands. Then a few months travelling around Malaysia and Bali before heading off to teach English in Mexico for a year.

Missing family she came back to the UK just in time for her thirties where she worked as a Senior Manager for a large well known Letting Agency covering South London before settling back in her hometown of Southampton to run the relocation arm of the company, where she stayed until she had children.

Being a Mum was the best job ever for Claire, she loved it so much she had two daughters only eighteen months apart.

Circumstances then provided an opportunity to open her own ‘luxury’ letting agency while her daughters were still just babies. This was great fun but very challenging so after five years she decided she needed to spend more time with her girls before they got too big and the sunshine was calling again so she sold her agency and they moved with their three cats to Spain.

The first thing she did in Spain was go to the local dog rescue centre to re-home a beautiful dog called Peppa, she’s a cross between a Labrador and a Shitzhu/poodle – LabradoodleShit if you like!

The second thing she did was buy a run down gym which she transformed into the hub of a beautiful small coastal town, adding a children’s dance studio and kids club so when they girls weren’t at school they could hang out with her and Peppa, who came to work every day, the best part was it was right beside a stunning beach!

After four years, the recession forced her to return to the UK and in 2013 she started her dog walking & home boarding business so that Peppa could still be by her side every day as she had never been left alone since being rescued as she suffered desperately from separation anxiety.

It was also the perfect solution for the girls as they could help out during the school holidays.

The business grew quickly, as many dog owners in the area noticed positive changes in their furry friends’ behaviour after spending time in Claire, Peppa and the girls calming presence.

Claire’s own dog collection also grew so she now has Peppa who’s seventeen along with Cockapoos Boo, Hula and Lala.

Claire’s dream was always to create a business where dogs can have fun, but also have so much more enrichment – along with being exercised we try and give them basic manners and recall training, love, fun and socialisation so their human parents know they’re in safe hands and hopefully coming home even better behaved doggy citizens.


Jason also had quite a diversified background. Originally from South Wales where he grew up in the countryside, he left home and joined the British Army, serving in the UK, Northern Ireland, Hong Kong and Malaysia before leaving in 1995.

He then moved into the corporate world, working in finance, sales and marketing, specialising in start up businesses. He spent the last five years on the board of an international tech company as the Chief Operations Officer where he was instrumental in listing the company on the London Stock Market.

During the Covid lockdown he decided that it was time for a change in dynamics, as spending his life in hotels and airports was no longer something that appealed to him, whereas spending every day having walks and adventures with his trusted companion Dylan the Vizla was now non negotiable.

Jason’s life had revolved around dogs ever since he was a child and in the Army he worked alongside the service dogs, observing the unmatched human-dog bond firsthand.

His love for Dylan was the main source of inspiration as he had tried to book him in to the groomers – only to be told there was a twelve week wait – and that wasn’t for a fancy haircut, just a bath and his nails to be filed! Jason was shocked and his business brain started whirring.

Seeing how the world was changing during the pandemic and realising how hard it was to find a great groomer that wasn’t booked up for months in advance as well as learning more about the effects of separation anxiety, he had an epiphany and headed straight to Claire’s to share his idea. Claire had looked after Dylan since he was a puppy and through chatting on their socially distanced walks during lockdown (so Dylan could still hang out with Claire’s dogs who were like sisters to him) he knew that they shared a common goal.

They both wanted to create a little paradise for dogs, both young, old and the new lockdown puppies, creating a nurturing, magical place for dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes as long as they have lovely temperaments to come and hang out, play, make friends, socialise and even be trained while their parents mind their daily responsibilities knowing that their furchildren are in the safest hands possible.

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